Drive blind

So Dominic Cummings has said that he drove to Bernard Castle (having previously lied and said he didn't I think) to test his eyesight.

Because that's what you do if you're worried about your eyesight: you get in a car, with your wife and young child, and you drive 30 miles. Risking your life, your wife and young child's lives, and the lives of anyone you hit along the way if it turns out that your eyesight isn't so good after all.

Something seems to be terribly wrong with his mind:

  • if he thinks this is a reasonable thing to do then, well, something is badly wrong that is making him think this;
  • if he is lying then this is the kind of lie a child would come up with – an adult with a properly functioning mind would come up with something which might actually fool an adult – and again there must be something wrong with his mind.

Or, perhaps, nothing is wrong with his mind. Perhaps he knows people will see through it immediately, and he wants them to see through it, because it's a way of saying that he just does not care what the little people think about him. The linguistic equivalent of the Salisbury nerve-agent attack: a lie so obvious that everyone would know he could just make things up and there would be no repercussions, except for a bunch of little people getting all cross, somewhere far away where the little people live.

And this is the man running the country in all but name. This is why we're going to fall off a cliff in December. This is why so many of us have died of CV19 and why so many more will die of it.

Government by psychopath turns out to be just as bad an idea as it sounds.

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