I feel sorry for all the people whose sense of well-being is so dependent on them having a car, people whose thinking is driven by the mindless fear of change and the complete inability to reason about, well, anything. I feel sorry for the people whose tiny sense of self-worth is so threatened by cyclists1: I always suspect because people who cycle a lot get to look kind of fit and attractive, instead of like blobs of dirty grease2. It must be horrible being them.

Well, ten years ago I used to feel sorry: since they've managed to take over great chunks of the world and deny us all a future I feel less sorry. They still must have horrible lives but they've doomed the rest of us – the people not driven by fear and the inability to think – to horrible lives as well. So thanks for that.

  1. Yes, I'm a cyclist, yes I also have a car. 

  2. But I don't ride enough and I look like a blob of dirty grease. 

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