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The ISC has publshed their report on Russian interference in UK democratic processes, after nine months: the report, and a summary1. Here is the Government's response.

Here is an excerpt from the ISC report:

[47.] We have not been provided with any post-referendum assessment of Russian attempts at interference, ***. This situation is in stark contrast to the US handling of allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, where an intelligence community assessment was produced within two months of the vote, with an unclassified summary being made public. Whilst the issues at stake in the EU referendum campaign are less clear-cut, it is nonetheless the Committee’s view that the UK Intelligence Community should produce an analogous assessment of potential Russian interference in the EU referendum and that an unclassified summary of it be published.

[48.] ***. Even if the conclusion of any such assessment were that there was minimal interference, this would nonetheless represent a helpful reassurance to the public that the UK’s democratic processes had remained relatively safe.

(I think the asterisks are censored information.)

And here is the government's response:

We have seen no evidence of successful interference in the EU Referendum.

Of course you haven't. Because, as the report said, you did not look for it, did you? And you did not look for it either because you knew that if you did, you'd find it, or because your masters told you not to look.

How very convenient it took nine months after it was complete to publish it, eh? Because delaying the publication of damaging information until it is far too late is not not at all the sort of thing that people with something to hide do, is it?

We are governed by criminal clowns, who are effectively in the pay of the Russians.

  1. Of course it is just fine for this thing to be published on Google docs. Of course it's fine. 

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