Getting away with murder

One of the many tragedies we are living through is that even though it is now obvious that populism is a disaster, they have got away with it. Populist regimes build their appeal on offering simple and appealing, but wrong, solutions to difficult, complex problems, and get away with it because either people don't notice that those solutions don't work or they can lie copiously enough that people believe the solutions did in fact work but somehow were foiled by the fiendish enemies of populism (you know the ones: the Europeans, the blob, the liberal elite, the gypsies).

And now this has hit the wall: they've come up against a problem which can't be bullshitted away. And look: the UK is doing really badly, the US is doing catastrophically badly, and well, we could look at all the other populist regimes, and they will be doing badly too. Populist regimes are killing the people who voted for them, in huge numbers, because the virus only cares if the answers are right not if they are appealing.

But they've got away with it: they have lied so copiously and we have believed their lies together all the other lies from the twitterbook feeds on which we we now subsist for so long that we can no longer tell what is true, even when the lies are killing hundreds of thousands of people

Clearly this country has had a massive success now in reducing the numbers of those tragic deaths.

Boris Johnson, cretin emperor of England

And so they will march on to their glorious new dawn, waving their idiot flags atop a mountain made of the bodies of their supporters.

And this is just the start of the dying.

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