Choose populism

Choose populism. Choose fear. Choose blame. Choose Facebook, Google and Twitter instead of thinking. Choose a fucking big car to make yourself feel less inadequate. Choose to hate cyclists. Choose antisemitism, racism, spitting at gypsies and watching abusive porn. Choose leaders who tell you the lies you want to hear. Choose to believe that they say. Choose not to vaccinate your children because fuck them. Choose a house in a gated community to keep out anyone different. Choose friends who think like you. Choose fake nostalgia for a world which never existed. Choose to pretend that monuments to slavers are just fine. Choose to believe that climate change isn't happening even as the floods and fires become annual events. Choose not to worry that the meat you stuff yourself with is fucking the planet, or that your precious car is doing the same, because it's not you that has to pay for that, is it?

Choose not to wear a mask in a pandemic and to spend your weekends on a crowded beach because fuck anyone else. Choose hundreds of thousands of deaths. Choose your own death.

Choose your future: choose populism. Choose death.

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