Only following orders

Yes, quitting from Facebook, or Twitter, or Google will mean you have to find another job or be poorer than you are now, or both. But not quitting means people will die: this should not be a hard decision to make, should it? And you have all these really desirable skills, after all: you know how to build hugely scalable computing systems, how to do all this fancy AI-big-data cleverness: you're not going to be out of a job for long, are you?

Of course, you won't quit. You might tell your friends how cross you are, or even, if you are really brave, speak up in a company meeting about how cross you are, but quitting? No, not that. After all it's not your fault. So, some people have died and more will, but you're just doing your job, just following orders. The people who are dying are, after all, not people you know: they're just little people, far away. Perhaps not even really people at all. Certainly your standard of living is more important than their lives. And you're only following orders.

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