Run from the future

One of the great dreams of the internet is that people who do office jobs will be able to, by and large, work from anywhere. I don't think it was clear in March that the infrastructure or the people were ready for this dream. But, wonderfully, it turns out they were: the great dream came true and now many millions of people in the UK will be able to work from anywhere once CV19 is over, and won't need to spend hours a day commuting. Enlightened companies will soon realise that they can provide really nice kit for this for a tiny fraction of the cost of office space, and some already are.

The future is here.

But no, it's not here: the implications of this better future are so frightening to our noble masters that they say we must at once start running backwards into the past, backwards to a world where we spend a great chunk of our waking hours trapped in a tin can, and even more of them stuck in some horrible office.

As always, the future they see for us is the past.

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