Test and trace

As with everything to do with the UK's wonderful government and its glorious leader – a man who, if not actually Churchill reborn for our times, certainly wants to be him – it is appropriate to compare current events to the second world war.

The UK entered that war on the first of September 1939, woefully ill-prepared for it. Ten months later they fought, and won, the battle of Britain. If we choose the start of February, 2020 as the date that it became clear that the CV19 pandemic was very serious indeed, then it is now nine months since that date.

In the ten months between the start of the second war and the start of the battle of Britain, the UK built up an air force – pilots, aeroplanes, ground crew, infrastructure, radar – which could and did defeat the Germans.

In the nine months from the start of February and now the UK government has entirely failed to build a track and trace system which could have kept infections under control, has actively encouraged people to do things such eating out and going back to work in offices which have make the pandemic worse and, finally, has failed to take heed of the advice of the scientists who were advocating for a short lockdown in September.

It is as if, between September 1939 and July 1940, the UK had thought about building some Spitfires and Hurricanes and doing everything else they needed to do not to lose the war, but somehow kept getting the wings on backwards and when they did manage to fit them the right way they fell off because they were made of cardboard. While doing this they would simultaneously be shouting down the scientists and engineers who kept talking to them about this silly 'radar' idea.

If the Cummings-Johnson government had been responsible for fighting the second world war, it would have ended with a Nazi victory in 1940.

Boris Johnson is an entitled clown, Dominic Cummings is a crank and an idiot, and the rest of them are no better. These fuckwit crypto-fascists are in the process of killing a huge number of the people they govern and blighting the lives of many, many others.

They must to be held to account for this.

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