The clown emperor visits Scotland

Yes, Boris, of course you must travel hundreds of miles to visit Scotland, while the people you laughingly pretend to govern can't go outside more than once a day, because of course achieving your political ends is essential, or, if not quite essential, certainly more important than the lives of a few more peasants.

And, if those peasants decide that, well, if you can do it, they can do it too, well then, some of them will probably die as a result. But what of that: they are but serfs. Their lives don't count as much as the lives of proper people who went to Eton, do they? Their lives don't really count at all. And certainly those deaths will not be your responsibility, any more than the deaths of the people who decided that what Cummings could do they could do as well were your responsibility. Because it's all just a jolly game to you, isn't it?

Fuck you, Boris Johnson.

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