The blame game

So, inevitably, David Frost1 wants us all to know that it's the EU's fault that brexit has not been quite as smooth as we were led to believe it would be2.

Of course it is: because it's never our fault, is it (especially not if our name is Johnson, Gove or, well, Frost)? There always someone else to blame, isn't there? The Europeans, the judges, the liberal elite, the intellectuals, socialists, the Gypsies, the Jews. Always, it is their fault, never ours.

This leads where it has always led: to camps and to ovens.

  1. Or 'Lord Frost' as we must now call him, if not 'the very great and extremely important Lord Frost', as I'm sure he would prefer. 

  2. Who led us to believe that it would be smooth, I wonder? 

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