An open letter to Spotify


I see that you have decided that hosting podcasts where people spew anti-science nonsense is just fine, if it makes you and your shareholders more money. And not just any anti-science nonsense: anti-science nonsense that will kill people. But that's fine, of course: making yourselves even richer than you already are is far more important than a few lost lives. They are only, after all, other people's lives, little people's lives: who, really, cares about them? How many deaths, exactly, do you think each dollar of extra profit is worth? How much damage are you willing to do to enrich yourselves even further? Do you have a spreadsheet?

I hope you sleep well, lying on a bed made from the vast piles of money you've made. I hope the stench of the people you are killing in order to make those piles bigger does not keep you awake.

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