When I checked the BBC news a few hours ago, the top five stories were about various aspects of Johnson appointing Pincher, whether he knew (hint: he knew) and so on and so on.

In the meantime, while Boris Johnson's fuckwittery and lying distracts us, the US supreme court, not satisfied with removing women's rights over their own bodies, has ruled to greatly reduce the US government's ability to limit carbon emissions from power generation.

Between 2016 and 2020 we all watched in horror and amazement while Trump fell about and fucked the US and the world over with levels of incompetence and dishonesty it's really hard to parody. And the world burnt four years it didn't have to do something about climate change.

Between 2019 and today we've stared in horror and amazement at the new Johnsonite shitshow, complete with a cast of second-rate wannabe-fascist sidekicks. Watched as a group of posh entitled fucks lie, fuck everything up, lie about fucking it up, grope everyone in sight, and puke on the walls.

And that's another three years of eroding rights and dismantling inequality, another three years when nothing's been done about climate change: another three years we don't have. Another three years of doing fucking nothing that our children and grandchildren are going to thank us for.

Thanks, fuckers.

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