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So, let me see what we can do here.

I searched quite some time for a tool for note-taking and note publishing and I would be very happy to have found something fitting to my tastes.

  • I tried to use the emacs org-mode before and still use it for smaller, local notes. But you need a lot of discipline and a reasonable work flow so that it actually helps with organizing things and note taking.
  • Used evernote for the last half year, but dislike their style and their constant nagging to try some new feature.

I absolutely adore the style of standard notes and listed. Simple, clean and without many frills. (Not such a fan of most of the dark themes, but to each their own.)

With Standard Notes I even saw some Note History and am now happy to have activated it. Hmm, it would be great if the note history packaged the modifications - similar to commits in version history - instead of remembering every single action.

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