Working things out in my head. I'll let you know if I figure it out.

TIL: The purpose of the black spots on windshields

I learned today, after wondering for years, what the little black spots on windshields are called and what they are for. Basically, the black band around the windshield is to provide a better adhesive for attaching the windshield and the dots provide a more aesthetically pleasing transition from the black strip to the clear glass. They're made of a ceramic compound called frit. They also help dissipate heat. Often there are black dots above the rearview mirror, between the visors, that act as a ...
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First Blog

I have to try this just to see how it works. I am using Standard Notes to write this blog. I need to know how the lines and paragraphs are displayed. Also, I will need to decide what to base my blog on. I have several interests, like programming, learning about universal consciousness, travel, etc. I don't know that I can combine them all into one blog, but I don't yet know if there is a way to use tags or folders or categories or something like that. So, we'll just see where this takes me. ...
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