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-> How do you feel about leaving next year?

As the oldest child, working towards a final goal has not only been an ambitious task for me, but also my parents. Thinking about leaving next year arises mixed emotions that I'm too afraid to accept. I feel excited; I feel nervous; I feel exhausted; but most of all, I'm terrified.

School has always been a walk in quicksand for me, as I struggled to keep my head up. Entering my final year, I was set on the path to my future; however, crashed into every obstacle. I kept saying, "next year, all of this will go away and you will be fine". So just pushing towards that final destination, with a somewhat positive mindset, is something that builds excitement in me. Knowing that I will be studying in a field of interest next year, without wasting my time and energy in other subjects, relieves me of added, unnecessary pressure.

I am someone who will try something new, get attached to it, and the more I grow close to it, the more I come to hate it. This terrifies me because I want to study in the field of arts, specifically, interior design; however, what if I wake up one day and want to quit?
I am the only person in my entire family that is branching out of the business field and into the arts field; therefore I scared that I won't receive the same support as everyone else is getting.

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