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A place to write ideas and say things I want to say. I am in the generation that stands between forgetting and remembering our cultures.


Any tool created by humans can be used for ill or for good. But AI is unlike any previous technological revolution before. Writing, printing, the Internet - the reach and impact of each took time and had limitations driven by access and distribution (and implementation). AI can be accessed virtually anywhere by anyone with Internet access. With typical Icarusian hubris we have broken open a Pandora's box, the impacts of which we really don't know or understand. It's really disturbing. I have f...
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Human Crash Investigations

I watch very little TV. But for many years there has been one show i really enjoy. That show is "Airplane Crash Investigations." I grew up around aviation, even worked for an aviation company for a few years and have many friends involved in the industry so i have a special interest in the subject. One of the things I really find fascinating are the "event-chains". Very few, perhaps no, accidents are triggered by one singular factor. Even where mechanical failure brings a plane down, often pilo...
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New post

This is just a test post as I want to make sure everything is working. This may well become my FB replacement - though I have never been good at blogging. ...
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This will be my new blog site ...
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