Awesome Standard Notes

Awesome Standard Notes

A curated list of tools and information relating to Standard Notes.

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  • Dark Hybrid - Dark theme featuring soft pastel colors built to be imported as a Standard Notes Extension
  • Dracula theme - A Dracula inspired theme for Standard Notes.
  • Evernote Dark Theme - Evernote inspired theme for Standard Notes.
  • Evernote Light Theme - Evernote inspired theme for Standard Notes.
  • Gruvbox Dark Theme - Based on colors from the gruvbox theme for Vim.
  • Mojave Dark Mode - Standard Notes color theme which roughly matches Mojave Dark Mode.
  • Muted Dark Theme - Standard Notes dark theme with non-vivid, muted colors
  • Overcast - This theme is based off of Standard Notes' official Midnight Theme and the color scheme was inspired by the Monokai Pro Visual Studio Code theme
  • Pure Black Theme - Theme for Standard Notes. Optimized for OLED devices such as iPhone X.
  • Slate Theme - A Standard Notes theme with shady grey and mossy green highlights.
  • sn-theme-vscode - A theme for Standard Notes inspired by the VS Code Dark theme.
  • sn-theme-minimal - A minimal theme
  • sn-themes - Some community themes and detail of how to develop your own





  • Standard Notes Clipper - A browser add-on (Firefox and Chrome) that allows you to clip web pages to your Standard Notes account.

Command Line

  • standardnotes-fs - Mount your Standard Notes account as a filesystem and edit your notes as plain text files.
  • sn-cli - Manage notes, tags, and other account operations
  • sn-dotfiles - Sync and manage dotfiles using Standard Notes
  • Extensions Repository Builder - Host Standard Notes extensions on your own server.

Importers, Exporters, and Converters





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