A proper weekend

It's Monday and I've already lapsed 2 days on my 100 day writing challenge.


Anyway, it was a good, busy weekend — I went up to Tower Bridge for the first time, and got to look down the glass floor to see the bridge open up from above.

It was surprisingly uncrowded for a public attraction, and we had our lunch there with views overlooking East towards Canary Wharf.

Eastward view from Tower Bridge

View of the West Tower

Then on Sunday, I cooked curry fish head for my uncles and aunts from my mum's side of the family and that was pretty much Sunday done.

It was my first time gutting and cleaning the head of a hake. Which was a bit like preparing and cooking lobster for the first time.

There's a first time for everything. Who knows what I'll cook next that'll be a first.

Hake head

Fish head curry

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