Dad's night out

I just got back from the very first dad's night out: a pub meet of all the dads from our kids' class.

It's a first-time-for-everything moment — the first time you decide to have a child, the first time you witness your child being born from your wife's womb, the first time your kid goes to school, and the first time the dads from all the kids in the same class agree to meet in a pub (for me, anyway).

I met a lot of interesting people. A dad who works to address juvenile crime, a dad who deals with pensions programmes for UK universities, a dad who installs security systems but used to be a secondary school teacher...

All of us had in common our children who were all from the same class, and lived in the area.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from today's night out, but I certainly wasn't expecting for it to be this memorable and desirable.

Oh, and I had quite a few good beers.

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