Contributing to things...

I'm in the process of finishing up some reflections from a FutureLearn course I took on service design... watch out for an update on that. And it's going to be published in conjunction with the Service Design Advent Calendar organised by Jason Mesut and Niclas Ljungberg — see the first post from Andy Polaine which has gone out just today!

Interestingly, I've also contributed to a few other things in the last few months which I can't quite announce yet but I'm really excited to see when it launches... touching on some topics like sketchnotes and Roam, which I wrote about recently. Watch this space.

All this seems to have cropped up quite suddenly towards the end of the year. Maybe it's a sign that the COVID season seems to be moving past a phase-of-sorts. It's refreshing and prompting me to unpick at my dusty list of side-project ideas waiting for attention. If not for my love for energy conservation...

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