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Episode 29

Show Notes:

How do you deal with Pharisees?
How are you to biblically respond to the individual who seeks to bind your conscience to his or her preferences?

Galatians 2:4–5, false brothers secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our freedom which we have in Christ Jesus, in order to enslave us.
But we did not yield in subjection to them for even a moment, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.

In dealing with Pharisees, we should be Christ-like. Amen
Look at how Christ responded to the historical Pharisees during his ministry, and immitate him.

"What Would Jesus Do?"

Garry Friesen gives 7 Principles:

  1. Jesus did not avoid doing things that He knew would offend the Pharisees.

  2. The Pharisees always took the initiative in the confrontations.

  3. During the early stages, when questioned or accused by the Pharisees, Jesus simply answered their questions and explained the reasons for His actions.

  4. When the Pharisees began to dissuade people from following Him, Jesus rebuked them with greater force.

  5. He also, at that point, warned His followers about them, instructing the multitudes in parables about their teaching.

  6. Jesus’ specific instructions for His disciples were: Beware, and leave them alone.

  7. When Jesus challenged the Pharisees personally, the target of His attack was the content of their doctrine (i.e., when they supplanted the commands of God with their own tradition), the phoniness of their practice (hypocrisy), and the destructive effect of their influence in the lives of others.

—Garry Friesen, Decision Making and the Will of God, pg. 412

Pharisees will always take offense.
Stop taking responsibility for legalists getting offended at you.
Don't avoid doing things that you know will offend Pharisees.

It's easy to spot Pharisees:
"That's the way I was taught. That's the way I was discipled."
They'll tell you.
Live your life, don't try to please them. You are either pleasing God or man.

"Stop right there. The Bible says..."

The ultimate hope is that the Pharisee would be corrected.

To bind the conscience beyond the Word of God is sin, and sin deserves rebuke.
Target the content: tradition replacing the commands of God.


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