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Episode 31

Show Notes:

At the end of this series on Liberty of Conscience, we'll bring the principles into concrete situations.

Once upon a time . . .

If a pastor's wife was truly stumbled, what would that mean?

  • weak in biblical knowledge
  • weak in conviction
  • weak in conscience
  • weak in will, moved to imitate

In reality, it was a case of "taking offense." Mere disagreement. A case of legalism.
In using biblical terms in unbiblical ways, it was manipulation.

If you don't break off your relationship, you'll be expelled from the school.
Confrontation by a woman in authority over men.

Lies and false teaching can be believed by anyone, regardless of intelligence and education.

The point: what was done and said was unbiblical.

What about institutions, like schools, that are not churches?
Don't they have the right to their own policies?
Policies can still be sinful.
A "Bible college" is supposed to be a Christian institution.

We are not required to be enrolled in a Christian school.
The abuse of spiritual authority is not the same as a church.
When a school forbids marriage, with the threat of consequences, that is sinful.
It might be within their rules, but it's not right.

The hard question is whether you have allowed people to rule your conscience.

The Bible college was under church authority, and the church acted the same way. The school reflected the local church.

Bible schools are supposed to teach what is in line with God's Word.
Giving a woman authority to forbid marriage between grown adults was in line with the culture.

What authority would these people have to tell you whom to marry?
God alone is Lord of the conscience, and rules through his Word.
For someone to take the place of God and forbid what God calls good is sin, automatically.

That concludes our series on Liberty of Conscience.

BUT, there's always more discussion to be had on this issue.

We are open to questions about specific issues that are adiaphora.

Comment your questions and suggestions!

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