The following are a few of the necessary ingredients for a fascist state

  • The government is managed by a powerful leader (even if he or she assumes office by way of the electoral process).

This is the fascistic leadership principle (or father figure).

  • The government assumes it is not restrained in its power.

This is authoritarianism, which eventually evolves into totalitarianism.

  • The government ostensibly operates under a capitalist system while being undergirded by an immense bureaucracy.

The government through its politicians emits powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism.

  • The government has an obsession with national security while constantly invoking terrifying internal and external enemies.

The government establishes a domestic and invasive surveillance system and develops a paramilitary force that is not answerable to the citizenry.

  • The government and its various agencies (federal, state, and local) develop an obsession with crime and punishment.
    This is overcriminalization.

  • The government becomes increasingly centralized while aligning closely with corporate powers to control all aspects of the country's social, economic, military, and governmental structures.

  • The government uses militarism as a center point of its economic and taxing structure.

The government is increasingly imperialistic in order to maintain the military-industrial corporate forces.


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