A high school student enthusiastic about computers and everything around it.

Going Places

Despite not being an app anymore, iTunes is still haunting macOS and iOS to this day. macOS users joke about how Windows has so much legacy parts still left inside of it, yet that’s exactly what iTunes is, despite not having an actual app for it. But no one complains about Paint and Notepad, whereas everyone complains about iTunes. So… what happened there? As the name suggests, iTunes lets you play your tunes. Whether it’s music from the iTunes Store, or songs that you’ve burned yourself, it w...
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Virtual Inconsistency

The concept of digital media is, in theory, incredible. It allows creators to easily distribute art. But I don't think it's working out as well as we as digital natives wanted it to be, and I want to figure out why. The context is that the world runs on the idea of scarcity, but by nature, art isn't scarce. Maybe the medium itself is, for example, tapes and CDs certainly are, but the main thing you buy that art for isn't the medium, it's the content. So when digital media came around, it's qui...
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Take a Peak

That was an event alright. Like the last event, Apple ended up sending invites 6 days in advance rather than the usual 7, and in the midst of uncertainty and chaos around the world, people were tirelessly speculating for 24 hours the day before the invite. But here we are. Most of the products announced were leaked days ago, and quite frankly they’re not all that exciting. It could just be me being salty because of the lack of MacBook Air redesign, but it genuinely felt lacking. Apple can do...
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Vile System

Steve Jobs wanted the file system to be inaccessible to the user, and let the app handle the files. If you want to open a photo in an editor, you don’t open the editor first. You open the photo, then “share” or copy and paste it to the editor. For well written apps, that works perfectly. The black boxes that apps are in can share data between each other, without the user having to think twice about directories, file types and file names. It just works. But not all apps are well written, especi...
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Ah, hi.

I’m a high school student enthusiastic about computers, and everything around it. Which is most things. This will probably be a place where I vent about anything that I find inconvenient, or talk about something imaginary. If I bother to keep it updated, that is. ...
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