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Use VS Code? Consider moving to VSCodium instead!

If you're a programmer, you've most likely heard of and used Visual Studio Code before. It's a lightweight Electron-based (never thought these 2 words would go together!) text editor with an amazing extension marketplace. It's also by Microsoft and open source! Well... sort of. Let's get on to VSCodium.VSCodium is a FLOSS version of Visual Studio Code that is built from the open source vscode repository. Unlike Visual Studio Code, which is not licensed under a FLOSS license and features telemetr...
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Choosing a browser in 2022, what to use?

To preface this post, I strongly recommend avoiding Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera at all costs. If you care even the slightest bit about your privacy (and you should!) and not using spyware, there are much better alternatives out there.Most people these days tend to stick with their default browser, especially those less tech-savvy. It's convenient and gets the job done, and that browser generally ends up being one of the ones mentioned above. With such a wide selection of browsers th...
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