My privacy tools

So I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, and I do use social media and stuff, but I am pretty privacy minded in a lot of products I use, so I thought I would list them all out for folks an tell you what they are for and why I use them.

Proton provides a few tools I use regularly.

  • Proton Mail being the first, this is my email service/client and it's encrypted so that even they can't read my emails. I can also send encrypted emails to people.
  • Proton Calendar I use for my scheduling and keeping track of important events. It is also encrypted and away from prying eyes.
  • Proton Drive is my main place for remote file storage and backup, again encrypted and away from prying eyes.
  • Proton VPN I use when I'm away from my home network with my phone or laptop. It helps me stay a little more private and keeps people on other networks I jump on from snooping.

Standard Notes is my note taking app. It is end to end encrypted, I use it for notes, my electronic journal, and todo lists. It also provides the backbone to this blog.

Ente is what I use for photo backup and viewing. Again end to end encrypted and no one can see my photos but me, not even the ente folks.

Auth is made by the Ente folks and it's my 2FA app of choice.

Etesync I use for encrypted contacts. They also can be used for calendars and tasks.

Brave is my browser of choice. It is one of the better options for privacy.

I think that's it. The rest of the stuff I use pretty much can give a damn about my privacy, and I'm sure are syphoning off any data it can from me.


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