The Brevity Law

First post in the Concordia Spartan 300 blog.   Word count today: 130.  Reading time: 1 minute.  Please sign the guestbook, especially if you have negative feedback.

Concordia Law says that a post exceeding 300 words is punishable by drowning itself in the bit bucket; no exceptions, no parole.

I love StandardNotes for providing the stats in the Action Bar.  Especially word count and reading time.  As a slow reader, it's good to be told how time-wasting a normal reader might find my scribblement.  Not that I assume there will be any normal readers.

Enforcing this law does not mean my words will be efficient or effective.  It just shortens the verbiage assault.  Maybe I'll learn to just shut up.  Nah.  Welcome to Concordia.

I write because I'm nicer to be with when I'm alone.

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