Nuala Coming to Concordia


Nature and I are cultivating Concordia, a special place in the woods.

Nearly fifteen years ago, I dedicated a special maple tree to my friend Nuala (noo-lah).  Nuala's tree is now the centerpiece of a retreat with unique natural features that I did not notice until I started working on Concordia.  Concordia had been waiting to emerge.

Concordia celebrates Nuala's role in my life.  She will visit soon, in her first time on these trails.  If her back is hurting again, Concordia is the only interior special place in my forest with car access.

Someday children will play at Concordia and not understand its mysterious attraction, the lingering scent of love in the soul of the union of a man, a forest, a dog, and a true friend.  That friendship has always been part of my union with this forest, right from the first time I set foot here in January 2005, also the month of my meeting Nuala.  Though never here in the flesh, she has always been a presence crucial to this forested union, this refuge that saved me, and saves me every day.

Harmony.  Unity.  Union of feeling.  Accordance.

These are words translated from the Latin Concordia.

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