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I don't know what to say, and I wanted to write. I didn't write yesterday, I was so focused on other things, including learning Astrology and doing a new chart by hand. Such a soothing activity. Those last couple of days, I've been watching videos by Ryan Kurczak on "Astrology and the mystic path", or how the role of the planets in our chart can lead us to more enlightenment, without it needing or being all eccentric (you know, that vision of shamans we can have). Those videos are really inspiring. I think I 'll need to watch each of them a few time to integrate the learning. This path is really exciting.

A tool for healing

This is what Astrology is to me. Yes, I think it deserves a capital "A" from time to time. "Know thyself" says one of the Delphic maxims. Well, look, Astrology is there to start this work. Healing from what ? From everything ! Heartbreak, feeling lost, searching for peace, having better relationships, connecting with spirituality. No, Astrology is not your doctor, that's not what I'm saying here. It's tool in a form of a language that can helps you walk through life having a better understanding of the whys and what's next. Everyone on this Earth could learn so much about themselves with Astrology. Of course there's other great tools that can have this role. To each their own they would say. Astrology doesn't replace them, it completes them. You can be religious and add Astrology as a add-on to connect with your spirituality and bring acceptance within your life. You can be a scientist, and add some matrix like yet valuable knowledge to your practice and daily life.
It's just there, in front of us. And connecting this with all the other tools and knowledge that we have could help us resolve so many things.


I was so deeply in my studies of astrology and in ... well, life, yesterday, that I "forgot" to write. That happens, no pressure to put on myself, Earth is still moving around. I'm still studying the calculation of charts, this is definitely a craft, astrology is.

I'm at peace with myself, and with many things around the world. I'm thinking a lot, everyday, about how we could make it better for everyone. Right now, I've started listening to a podcast about social media and teenagers mental health going down. We can't be surprised, but it's there, what can we do now to help teenagers (and everyone) suffering with mental health issues ? I have been there, as a teenager, and as a adult. I've managed to be better with myself, more kind, listen to myself more (both in my mind and body), and to treat myself as the most important thing that exists (in the right way). If I don't treat myself well, how will I be able to treat other people well ? We have to respect ourselves to e able to respect others.
Let's take care of our mental health and the ones of people around us. And this, doesn't work when we have to worry about money, work, kids, toughness of life, abuse, racism, poverty, addiction. Let's look at people and care. Sometimes it's hard though. I've passed by someone in the street earlier, couldn't make myself look too much, I think it was someone homeless and which look kinda somewhere else, just as a tough life can make you look to other people. I guess the first step would be to look at the person, to pay attention, to say hi next, and if we can find the strength, say "how can I help you?".

The New Moon in Aquarius was yesterday. With a big stellium of planets in Aquarius (Sun - that's not a planet -, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn). How wonderful.
I hope you put your intentions out there with this potent aquarian energy

All is fine

Welcome to the New World. I guess it has started already, at least the transition has. Well, nobody said it would be easy, it was quite abrupt, but long coming. I hope that we will all find peace and sanity through it, there's no other way. I feel like a push in my brain, I don't know what it is, I think my mind is trying to get something out. I'm getting there, give me time.
I hope you're all doing ok.

Calculating charts

I've started calculating astrological charts by hands. And what a better practice than to start doing this with your family. Just discovering the planets placements, little by little, as I look in the ephemeris and as I write down the positions, it's just mind-blowing. So far, the most mind-blowing chart is the one of my little brother. It was like I've finally understood who he was, or at least, made sense of him. Those planets positions are like clues on what's coming next when I'll be able to interpret them and their aspects. I'm so looking forward to this, it's exciting.

There's happiness right at the corner of your mind

Well, today was a good day. You know those days when every flow oh so easily that at the end of the day you feel as if you forgot to do something. "How did I managed to not stress and do everything I planned to ?"
Well not everything, the things I couldn't manage to do without staying up too late, I just figured, well, they can wait tomorrow. Yes, it is often said that it's not good to put things off until tomorrow (hello procrastinators !). But you know what, if my mental and physical healths need this, well, I 'll put it back off anytime.

Please, especially now, let's not put ourselves at risk of completely drowning in burnout. Been there, done that, not really looking forward to another dark depression burnout because of work. Yes the work I do is meaningful, yes it helps people both directly and indirectly. But does that mean that have to forget myself ? No ! Of course not ! And you shouldn't too. We'll be more able to help people if we are both calm in our mind and body, healthy in the way we endure things (see how there's contradiction here). Well, it is called endurance, isn't it ? That doesn't mean we have to destroy ourselves in this path to... ? To what exactly ? Oh yes, a better world.

But what is exactly the meaning of a better world ? I have my own vision about that, which I share with some like minded people both locally and around the world. But we are not alone, we have to take everyone opinions into account, but there's definitely some education to do around the world, and no, not always where you think people should be educated. Sometimes it's just right at the corner of your street (yep that neighbour that has been saying extremely strange things), sometimes just at the corner of your own mind (hello biases !)

Are you with me ?

19:39 Europe

  • Sun in Aquarius
    - conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius
    - squares Mars in Taurus
    - conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Moon in Capricorn :
    - trines Mars in Taurus

  • Mercury in Aquarius :
    - squares Mars in Taurus
    - conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Venus in Aquarius :
    - conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius
    - conjuncts Capricorn in Aquarius

  • Mars in Taurus :

    - squares Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Jupiter in Aquarius :
    - conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

** Meditation of the day : be still. **


I've been wondering : maybe I should write at least x words per day, maybe that would help me focus more on my writing, and be more consistent. And then I tell myself : "well it's already amazing that you're writing everyday, why make it more difficult ?". I like to push myself and attain imaginary goals. You know the ones that make you think that it would help you get a better life, more fulfill, richer, abundant in every type of ways.
Again : keep it simple.


It was nice to just enjoy the day, and go slow. I'm doing home-made burgers. Simple things. I'm not vegan, yet. Sometimes I wonder...Who knows maybe one day. I'm gonna keep it extra short today, I'll probably have more time and space to write tomorrow. as for know, I'm just going to enjoy what I can enjoy.

** Meditation of the day : Keep it simple as much as you can. **

I love yoga

It brings me peace. Steps by steps, movement after movement and flow after flow, I learn about myself, my mind, my body. I guess you can get this in many other things, sports, craft activities, painting, music, public speaking, writing. It is my way to both get out and closer from and to the world. I've been practicing daily since over a month, it is magical.

Take a breath

Take a breath. Inhale, exhale. Here. It feels good already. It's Friday and time is going through this strange distortion. It goes as fast as it goes slow. Work makes it fast, cause there's a lot to day, and it never really stops, you can always improve something. But is there a valuable reason to this ? Whatever the job we do it seems that we push too much. I found my rhythm, and I'm putting myself first in a way. More than I used to anyway. I've created a system that works for me, both digital and analog. And sometimes I just pause. We're not robots, and we don't function the same way. Sometimes I've got all the energy in the world, some other times is just "meh". But I keep on, we keep on, and address the issues or the non issues of this world.

Breath. Just breath. Meditation helps, it helps staying connected with oneself, and with simplicity. It helps detaching from the non essentials, and from the false idea of ourself. It's a bit like magic, but you have to practice it, as much as you can, daily is even better, even for 5 minutes a day. It does miracle. It's a way to learn about yourself, and about the mysteries of your conscious and unconscious mind. Breath. Fully. Pause, and exhale.

** Meditation of the day : breath once again and relax as much as you can.**

It doesn't have to be that hard

You know it doesn't. I don't know why but I absolutely wanted to write with pen and paper before typing my words on a computer. At least since I've started this personal experiment here. Why ? Writing, as much as I love it is not the easiest thing. Why add another barrier and obstacle to it ? just let it flow, once, and get on with your life. Isn't that easier ?

I'm not sure I'll put the sky photography down here today. I need, I want, I'd like another method to look at astrology. I feel like I'm just looking at it in a superficial way and it doesn't seem like me, I want to look at it more in depth. Indeed to study it more. Not saying that I won't put astrology concepts, thoughts and observations here, quite the contrary. But I won't put as much pressure on myself, I'll just let it flow. And if letting flow means not writing the planets aspects, so be it, for now.
I think Saturn in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus, and that's it's quite a thing. I'll listen to some podcasts to understand, I'll look forward to go through my astrology lessons too, can't wait for tomorrow.

** Meditation of the day : take it easy, be happy **

We always want more

We always want more and are never satisfied. I'd like to live with water and love, and be happy with just that. But that's not possible, is it ? I think the goal it to be contended with what we have and have gratitude toward it. Easier said than done. What about the people who are dealing with addictions, abuse, violence and more extreme difficulties? What can we say to them ?

I'd like to enjoy this evening, watch a film and not think as much about what we should do to make this world a better place for everyone. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself too and escape in a healthy manner.

19:55 Europe

  • Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Moon in Scorpio trines Mercury in Aquarius
  • Moon in Scorpio squares Venus in Aquarius
  • Moon in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Moon in scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius
  • Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

** Meditation of the day : don't give up on your hopes and dreams. Breath deeply, and imagine. **

That wasn't easy

That wasn't easy nor as smooth as I thought it would be. To come up here everyday and to just let my pen flow on paper. To let my mind write whatever was coming up. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but years of writing got me to know a bit about myself, years of knowing myself got me to figure out the way I function. We learn everyday, on everything, it never stops, and that's wonderful.

I've discovered some new music from the 1980's today. I enjoy that kind of discovery. Your brain is grateful when that happens. As with everything, the hardest part is to start (well not always, but you get what I mean). And I'm glad I've managed to write those few words. We put way too much pressure on ourselves and on our expectations. When does that stop ? If ever.

20:55 Europe

  • Sun in Aquarius trines Moon in Libra --> that could explain the easy flow of life I felt today.
  • Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Moon in Libra trines Mercury in Aquarius
  • Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius --> Oh hello Venus joining the Aquarius tribe !
  • Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

** Meditation of the day : don't be afraid to take your time **

Wow, time flies by

Wow, time flies by. this is crazy, we're already in February 2021. Apparently the more you get old, the more time goes quickly, it speeds up increasingly.
We're at the start of Mercury retrograde. It began on Saturday January 30th, 2021. I don't really know what to think of Mercury retrograde. I felt like it was really happening, even at the pre-shadow period, when we can see glimpse of the retrograde some 10-15 days before. My electronics seemed to bug more, even for colleagues at work. My computer slowed down, as well as my phone. Is it real ? Or is it something we make up ? That would put the whole astrology in question?

This is the the first Mercury retrograde of 2021, and it's happening in Aquarius. For me, as we're at the last degrees (some 26°), it's happening in my 4th house and not in my 5th house (I don't use whole signs house, not yet). The 4th house is the house is the home, the parents, well broadly. I'm remote working, not only because of the pandemic, but also because I love working at home. Anyway, I use my electronics a lot at home then, so Mercury retrograde influence all the communication I do and electronics I use at home. That is a simple interpretation. I'm sure wit could be done more in depth. It felt like people were not hearing me as well on the phone for example.

I think I'll subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, a reference, apparently, in the astrology community. Or I'll ask for it as a gift for my birthday. I'll see.
It's strange to think about birthdays now as it would mean a lot for me to detach from my ego. To be less self-centred and to be more whole with my environment. Aren't birthdays the deepest expression of the ego, of you, of your being, of your birth.
Anyway, I don't think I'm the happiest in the work I'm doing. But i have to be patient to go where I have to be. my purpose is awaiting, I know what it is, and the road there is amazing. I'm actually not sure if that's my purpose but it does feel like it, and the road there does feel right.

8:35am CET

  • Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Sun i Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Moo in Virgo trines Venus in Capricorn
  • Moon in Virgo trines Saturn in Aquarius
  • Venus in Capricorn conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

** Meditation of the day : I take courage in what I do, I am patient for what I'll be. **

Sleep is fundamental

Sleep is fundamental. To everything. I've slept around 6 hours in the night of Friday to Saturday. I've slept less than 6 hours last night, and I really feel it. I definitely didn't sleep enough. My eyes are drooping, my head feels heaver and my body is in need of recovering from the hour of yoga I did yesterday. I remember when I was a teenager and in my twenties, I thought sleeping was useless and a waste of time. How naive was I ! Sleep is life, sleep is the renewal and processing of the mind, of our thoughts, of our organism. I had to wake up early today, early for a Sunday, early for my kind of Sunday. I don't go to church nor work on Sunday, by then, I consider this day as a relaxing and peaceful day. However, I have to do something specific and "early" today. So here I am, missing sleep. I guess it is for the good cause. Or should i say, for love.

Sleep is love too. It's the loving of yourself, the caring of your senses. You don't sleep as well when you drank alcohol before or smoke a cigarette. I know I didn't slept as well as now when I was drinking and smoking. And, I do sleep better when I haven't looked at a screen before. Yes putting a blue light filter helps, but isn't it better to let the screens go altogether, 30 minutes or more before sleeping. I'm already thinking about the nap I want and that I'll take this afternoon. Maybe I should just sleep earlier this evening. I love sleep as it allows me to swim in my subconscious, and unconscious, I guess. Is it the Moon in the natal chart which illustrates the way we dream and sleep ?

8:47am CET

  • Sun in Aquarius suares Mars in Taurus
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius --> that should be interesting
  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius So we have the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in a threesome. I don't know if that's something we like. I'll dive into mythology to understand their affinities (or lack of) better .
  • Moon in Virgo trines mars in Taurus
  • Venus in Capricorn conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Mars in Taurus suares Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

** Meditation of the day : I breath for lie, I breath for peace, I breath for love, I sleep for completion. **