Session 2

DM - Dusty
  •     Elias - Half-Elf Bard
  •     Voxl - Dragonborn Barbarian
  •     Crip Foash - Gnome Artificer
  •     Jas - Human Rogue
  •     Nobilis of Rotterdam - Rogue
  •     Davven Pegason - Half-Elf Fighter
  •     Falminar - Sorcerer


     The Temple
  • Spent the night at the temple after searching the various rooms
  • Slept in the bunk room with Falminar and Keestake (the old man).
  • Awoken to a commotion coming from the temple's main room where the others bunked down while Jas stayed awake to keep watch.
  • Upon entering the room combat had ended and an undead creature lie dead on the floor.
  • Keestake explained this creature was a former priestess of the temple.

     The Manor

  • We then ventured from the temple down to the manor utilizing an entrance from a hill to one of the windows from a map Keestake had drawn us.
  • Once entering the building we began to search locating what appears to be a magical lute, dagger, and 2 arrows.
  • Upon reaching a room at the end of the hall (Labeled to the catacombs on the map), we come up on 2 goblins and our half-ogre friend we left tied up on the ship.
  • A battle ensues in which we end up killing all 3 fiends and looting a longsword and 2 short bows from the creatures.
  • Further searches of the nearby rooms do not return any additional information.
  • Keestake then informs us the bookshelf in the room contains a mechanism leading to the catacombs, Jas locates the button and pushes it only to hear a grinding noise but no movement. -Voxl then grabs the bookshelf and slides it open revealing a passage below which we then head into.
  • Upon reaching the landing of the stairs, Keestake points out a lever that will allow us to seal the bookshelf behind us so we are not followed. Upon pulling this lever, a loud noise is heard and boulders and debris begin to fall down the stairs blocking our previous path.
    We are now in a hallway with several storage rooms one of which was labeled as armor/weapons on the map.

      The Catacombs

  • Upon entering this section, Voxl triggers a trip wire before Jas can warn him causing the boxes to fall, although he is able to dodge away in the nick of time.
  • Keestake begins to cackle explaining that we will not be leaving this place. His former king is buried down here along with his family. Keestake completed this task after their deaths and provides an eery description of his king's body not decaying and his eyes following him. He tells us that we will not be leaving here unfortunately and that he thanks us for helping him get down here so that he was able to seal off the catacombs from the invading ogres and goblins to protect his former masters. Elias tries to intimidate him into revealing the exit but at this point he is too far gone. A vote is held and we decide to tie him up and take him with us although arguments are made against this with how letting another prisoner live (the half-ogre) turned out last time.
  • Upon searching the old man it is discovered he is wearing a ring, Jas confiscates the ring but does not put it on as he reveals the old man had told him of a ring that contains a special power and can grant wishes, although it is not revealed whether this is the same ring.

    Thus ends the session...