Apps to help you get privacy back on andriod

Metadata Remover (Remove metadata from your images) -

ClassyShark3xodus - Scan apps (Scan apps for trackers) -

Simple Contacts (A contacts app for managing your contacts without ads.) -

Simple Calendar (A simple calendar with events, customizable widget and no ads.) -

Simple Gallery (A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.) -

Simple Notes (A simple text field for adding quick notes, without ads.) -

Simple Thank You (A paid app for people who want to support Simple Mobile Tools.) -

WiFi Manager (Manages your device's WiFi based on your location) -

Wi-Fi Privacy Police (Prevent leaking sensitive data on WiFi) -

Scrambled Exif (Remove the metadata from your pictures before sharing them) -

PilferShush Jammer (Block unwanted use of onboard microphone) -

Aegis Authenticator (Free, secure and open source 2FA app to manage tokens for your online services) -

use Session as your private messaging app

minds is the best social media for privacy and control of your data

Private Location (Keep your phone location private) -

Authenticator Pro (Keep your online accounts secure and protected) -

Secure Note app

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