Dropping a Reader into the Story


Drop in method - Pull the reader in with just one great first sentence

My parents have a unique method of problem solving, one I never would have suspected to be used on my own sister: murder.

My sister was the classic, rebellious teenager. Always decorated with large, silver rings and chains. So effortlessly flawless yet an exceedingly evil mess. She fantasised of being an actress, fame ridden, her ever-so-perfect face plastered on posters worldwide. She always said: "Creativity is rebellion".

She used to search for every possible thing that she wasn't allowed to do and do it anyways for the sole purpose of "gaining experience". She mumbled on and on about Stanislavsky and how these experiences that dice with death are beneficial for her method acting career. My parents despised this.

I've always admired my parents in spite of my familiarity with the fact that they are not good people. The thing I most admire is how much they value family and how they are willing to burn bridges to demolish any minor inconvenience that comes our way. I, however, have been proven wrong; my parents exclusively value their reputation and are willing to go to extreme lengths so they can maintain it.

An epileptic attack. My parents told me that it's what killed her. In that moment, my words were unwilling to take flight, the bitter sound of betrayal ringing in my ears. My only sister was now dead. Her life-long struggle with epilepsy got to her. How convenient.

I believed my parents. I mean, who wouldn't? We had all lost the same irreplaceable person and we were all going through the same seven stages of grief. We were all as thick as thieves and we were all visibly crushed. So why would I question it?

I did wonder a few times if this was another one of her ludicrous attempts at becoming a method actress. It sounded like one of her dense stunts. "Girl Fakes Her Death for a New Experience". That would make for great press. I eventually gave up on that speculation, 1 month after the death of my sister.

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