Descriptive Writing - Donkey

It was a crisp morning. The fresh, loamy air and the rich, rocky surface of the mountains harmonised together to create a ballet routine. The sky was coated with a set of brisk, white clouds that left an overwhelmingly earthy scent which elevated the tranquility of the area. The mountains stood strong and determined. Similarly, on these mountains stood a donkey, committed to carrying the overloaded mess of stacked items heaped on its back. Crates, boxes, and containers were connected to this donkey like a never-ending puzzle. All was silent. Except for the echoey ringing of rocks tumbling down the sides of the mountains inflicted by the hooves of the suffocated donkey. Even with the surplus of enriching oxygen, the donkey seemed uneasy. This uneasiness looked like a disturbance to this serene space. Everything seemed in its place. Everything other than the man-made, brightly coloured containers overflowing from the donkey's saddle. Despite this uproar of discomfort, the donkey’s eyes were sharp and resolute. They were a dark abyss of clear intentions. Everything was perfect.

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