what was i thinking

help me remember

£ shadow of the colossus, outer wilds (and i guess this can extend to myst/riven), stray, nier, spec ops: the line, what remains of edith finch, the stanley parable, persona, silent hill, daniel mullins

€ disco elysium, planescape, steins;gate, 999 (and uchikoshi's other works, like ai), va-11 hall-a, deus ex, ghost trick (and...sure, danganronpa)

$ the last of us/uncharted/until dawn/david cage
final fantasy 6 & 7, mother 3, psychonauts, metal gear, pokemon, dragon quest, supergiant's games, red dead redemption

¥ animal crossing, minecraft, bloodborne (and pretty much every souls game, no more heroes, metroid, katamari, hypnospace outlaw, resident evil, umurangi generation

₽ hylics, osamu sato, keita takahashi, arcane kids, strangethink, cruelty squad, thecatamites, red candle games, suda51, swery, treasure
middens, barkley shut up and jam gaiden, sluggish morss, slave of god & rat rave & a time machine to take you back to 2009 roblox, eye, ticket

🖕guardians of the galaxy & spider-man, call of duty campaigns, death stranding, panic for sega cd, cho aniki