Recent intrest

What caught your attention this year? What are you interested in at the moment? This can be a story, an event, a hobby, skill, relationship...anything. Focus on one thing only and try to write as clearly and concisely as possible.

By the end of summer I had an internship for a fashion company called fashion club 70. Today, the fashion club is one of the most known fashion distributors in Europe. Around more than 50 high - end brands are represented to more than 1700 shops all around Belgium. The trained and motivated staff are responsible to focus on the company's values such as loyalty, building long term relationships with both manufacturers and clients and personal service.

The main offices are located in Antwerp, housing multiple particular sales teams, a professional customer service area, a press office, an experienced IT team and a restaurant. Overall 3 buildings and a surface covering 15,000 square meters.

However it took a couple of years to build this successful business. The founder Luc Dheedene opened up with a small business in Brussels which was based on Trade Mart selling German brands for a Dutch agent. However he fell in love with “L’Uomo Vogue” which is an Italian collection, and made the decision to leave for Vicenza, Italy, looking for his first contract. Luc was able to start collaborating with big brands such as Versace, Ferre and Moschino.

Over the years the company became more successful, collaborating with more designers who trust their brands in Fashion Club 70’s hands, because the company was expanding due to all the contracts, they needed more space which led to them moving to Antwerp. Which according to the staff was a wise decision because Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are currently located at the center of all three countries. Since the move the company has had the opportunity to expand by season.
I was welcomed by Jef who has a partnership with the jeans brand 7. He kindly gave me a tour of the collection and explained to me the different models, most bought colors and best selling jeans. Once we settled at the desk, I had a look at the computer such as the timetable with clients, how to make an order for the jeans and sending a request to order the jeans. Later on Jef’s first client walked in to order jeans for the upcoming season. Communicating with the client was my favorite part, I was able to help the client choose jeans and try them on so they would get a view on how the jeans looked. Exchanging ideas with the clients was also very interesting. Overall it was a great experience.