3 - 20.21 March 22th - How to learn by yourself.

From 0 to pro ? :-)

I've been coding a bit since I am a teenager, nothing really searious.
My first time was Visual Basic (VB) on a Casio Graph 65 calculator.
I university had been taught a bit of Python with a project at the end of the year...
And for the last 10 years I was "playing" a bit with different configuration; mainly bash scripting on Linux for basic task.

It's only recently , maybe a side effect of Covid19 lock down , that I decided to do it again; and this time to be fully capable to develop an application by myself.

I focused my learning on JavaScript because you can be a "fullstack" developer with NodeJs, jQuery, React...
I'would prefer to be "master of one" than a "jack of all trades" but I have to start somewhere.

Here what I've done, my progress and my feedback.

1 - I've started with GrassHopper ,an Google app perfect to discover the language at basic level - I finished everything in 30 days.

2 - Then I've moved to "Mimo - Learn to code", with much more detailed explanation and exercice at an basic ++ level. I finished in 17 days.

3 - Then I've moved to "SoloLearn", Pro version. The teaching is one step higher, intermediate level, with a lot of good excercices..

On the side I've been doing also some EDABIT and CodeAcademy excercices.
So far so good.

2 - 20.21 March 10th

Nothing much to say.
Actually there is this thing I've discovered today ...

1 - 20.21 March 9th

1000 days writing challenge, why not ?
It might be fun and I may discover something new during the journey.
See you tomorrow.