Issue No. 13: Apple's Best Product Is Privacy, an Electric Jaguar, Rembrandt's Masterpiece, Offensive Speech and More...

Worth Reading:

  1. Instructions for British Servicemen in Germany - A short but rather interesting read. The book is a reproduction of a small booklet that was issued to English soldiers during the occupation of Germany. 
  2. Advanced App Store Optimization by Moritz Daan & Gabe Kwakyi
  3. Peugeot’s E-Legend Concept
  4. Amanda & Erik - A Swedish Design Studio
  5. How 15 Berlin Neighbourhoods Got Their Names
  6. Forget the new iPhones: Apple’s best product is now privacy
  7. Bizarre Phenomenon Suggests Objects Can Be Two Temperatures at Once
  8. Jaguar Electric 
  9. Britain Turns Offensive Speech Into a Police Matter

Worth listening to:

  1. LaVern Baker - Dix-A-Billy
  2. Alfa Mist - Keep On
  3. Elvis Presley - I've Got Confidence 
  4. Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

Worth watching:

  1. Roald Dahl at Work
  2. Douglas Murray in conversation with Jordan Peterson
  3. Why This Is Rembrandt's Masterpiece
  4. A Visit to One of the World's Largest Pencil Factories

Resources: A new section of this newsletter where I will recommend various tools and resources. 

  1. Standard Notes. There's no better way to start this resources section than to mention my favourite digital tool. Standard Notes is by far the best note-taking app you will find; your notes can be accessed from any device and most importantly (unlike most apps) all of your notes are fully encrypted. 

Worth seeing: 

  1. The RAMONES Museum, Berlin. 

What I've been doing:

  1. I am super excited to have recently joined the team at Phiture, Berlin. 

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