Issue No. 22: The Strange Death of Europe, 21 Phrases You Didn't Know Were Shakespeare, Ford GT Mark II, Moon Rocks and More...

Worth reading:

  1. 'The Strange Death of Europe' by Douglas Murray
  2. A Professor Spoke the Truth, He Still Pays the Price
  3. 21 Phrases You Use Without Realizing You’re Quoting Shakespeare
  4. Ford GT Mark II
  5. What Apple, Facebook and Google each mean by "privacy"
  6. A House In Kyoto (with a tree growing in the middle) 
  7. How I Fully Quit Google (And You Can, Too)
  8. You Are Doing Something Important When You Aren’t Doing Anything
  9. Pakt Coffee Brewing System for Travel 
  10. The 11 Most Nightmarish Depictions of Hell in Art History

Worth watching:

  1. Pipe Organ (an instrument the size of a building)
  2. Abby Martin on Joe Rogan Experience
  3. Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks?

Worth listening to:

  1. HOT LUNCH - "Killer Smile"
  2. Молчат Дома - Этажи
  3. Liam Howlett, arr. Snelle Fjöll - Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana - "Out of Space"


  1. Tempo - The minimalist email that helps you focus

Worth seeing:

  1. Design Museum Danmark - Copenhagen

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