Issue No. 1: Airport identity, Freddie Mercury's voice, The Berlin Wall and more...

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I'll post regular links to things worth reading (no specific topics), watching or listening to, some travel stuff, design stuff and a bit about me. I'm honestly not sure what this will evolve into! 

Worth Reading:

  1. Curing the Airport's Terminal Identity Crisis
  2. Muji is not just about minimalism and simplicity, says art director Kenya Hara
  3. Why Freddie Mercury's Voice Was So Great, As Explained By Science
  4. How graphic designer Erich Strenger shaped the image of Porsche
  5. Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free 
  6. The story of Keith Haringโ€™s courageous Berlin Wall mural
  7. The Man Who Owns the Smiley Face 
  8. Is A 500-Year-Old German Beer Law Heritage Worth Honoring? 
  9. Why printers add secret tracking dots 

Worth listening to:

  1. Townes Van Zandt Solo Sessions Jan 17, 1995
  2. Will Varley - Seven Days
  3. The War On Drugs - Baby Missiles 

Worth watching: 

  1. Jordan Peterson with Russell Brand - Kindness Vs. Power

Worth seeing:

  1. This lighthouse perched on a rock in Iceland

What I've been working on: 

  1. Ransom coffee packaging

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