Issue No. 2: Why it pays to be grumpy, design facts, $110 million Basquiat and more...

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Worth Reading:

  1. No Logo by Naomi Klein (Corporate brands and capitalism) 
  2. Design Facts. Random, bite-sized design industry facts. 
  3. William Blake’s Most Beautiful Letter: A searing defense of the Imagination and the Creative Spirit
  4. How Orwell used wartime rationing to argue for global justice 
  5. Why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered 
  6. Why Do Filmmakers Color Grade Moonlight to Be Blue?
  7. Why Spend $110 Million on a Basquiat?
  8. Why This Florida City Is Debranding Itself
  9. Patti Smith on the Two Kinds of Masterpieces and Her Fifty Favorite Books
  10. 19th-Century Tool Box is Meticulously Designed to Hold 300 Tools

Worth Listening to:

  1. Listener - Building Better Bridges
  2. The Homeless Gospel Choir - Armageddon 
  3. Brian Fallon - Forget Me Not

Worth watching:

  1. Optimistic Nihilism. A beautifully animated philosophical video. 
  2. It’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting.
  3. Tangled Up in Blue: Deciphering a Bob Dylan Masterpiece

Worth seeing:

  1. The Klementinum in Prague, Czech Republic. I visited this library a few years ago and it's one of the most memorable places I've been. 

What I've been working on:

This t-shirt/sticker design for Disrupt! Automotive Art. 

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