Grade 12 Experience

Grade 12 Experiences:

Topic: Intrigue into Watchmaking

Watchmaking is a topic of great interest to me, specifically as it connects to my primary academic interest of aerospace engineering. Over the course of the past year, I have become enthralled in the world of horology, having purchased a selection of vintage watches I am in the process of repairing. My favourite type of watches to repair are vintage dive watches; dive watches, due to their robust nature, are generally found on better condition as other watches. I have recently been offered a vintage "Dorset" dive watch, produced under contract for "Montgommery Ward", a large retailer in the United States. I have also gained a specific interest in vintage chronographs; Gallet chronographs represent the pinnacle of vintage fine watchmaking, with their chronographs generally being reported as retaining their accuracy to this very day. I am currently looking at a vintage Gallet Multichron Regulator wristwatch, dated to the late 1930's. This watch's primary use was to time artillery firing during WW2, record car races, and air raid timings.

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