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Choosing a VPN Provider

VPN Provider and Configuration Primary considerations when choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider should include: selecting a VPN that has a stated no-logs policy, threat model analysis, VPN reputation, security and privacy policies, number and type of devices you plan to connect, geographic location of the VPN provider, and protocols used (Open VPN vs. Lightway). The basic goal with a VPN is to encrypt your network traffic by routing your connection through one or more servers, keep...
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Current Cypto Prices and the State of the HODLer

Ether's price movement post-Merge has been lackluster and downward, the switch to POS on the world's second-largest blockchain and the resulting Goliath energy savings appear to have been priced in already in the months preceding the Merge, when ETH was trading substantially higher than BTC.Macro market factors are hammering overall crypto performance -- the dollar's strength (DXY), stocks trading lower, flight from risk assets, and the Fed attempting to back-paddle the absurd money-printing pra...
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