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Named exports are better than default ones (mostly)

This article talks about the difference between the different module export types, Default vs Named exports in ES6 modules, and why named exports are the preferred option in most cases. tl;dr Prefer named exports over default exports as named imports are explicit and have better type/editor support. What is a default export? ES6 module default exports comes from replicating the functionality of exporting modules in the CommonJS spec. Let's take a look at the following piece of code: // src...
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Resources exceeded during query execution

“Resources exceeded during query execution”, an article on the Memory limit problem faced in BQ. In some cases you will get an “Resources exceeded during query execution” error when trying to build a large derived table in BQ(Big Query). This generally happen for queries that require huge amount of memory to run, or when a inner/derived query needs huge amount of memory to store temporarily while more operations is made on it. Why does this happen? This happens because even though BQ is a dist...
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Data @Carousell "Meeting minutes"

Hi all, this article is a meeting's minutes during a visit to Carousell HQ, to meet and talk with the Data Engineering lead there! Some context; This was a meeting on how to do data engineering and analytics for a company in its early stages of data analytics. Hope you enjoy the read and be able to hopefully learn something new too! Metrics is important, but only the important metrics are important. Focus on what matters rather than trying to come up with more metrics. Note that this whole note...
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