What caught your attention this year? What are you interested in at the moment? This can be a story, an event, a hobby, skill, relationship...anything. Focus on one thing only and try to write as clearly and concisely as possible.

During my summer holiday, I went on a trip to the South of France where I visited several small towns and cities such as St. Tropez, Lion, Monte Carlo, St. Paul de Vence, Gorges du Verdon, Nice, and more. I was very attracted to the abstract art in these cities, they had contemporary, modern, and different art forms of culture. This caught my eye as I was able to adapt some of the inspiration into real life by making several different art pieces myself. I was incredibly satisfied when I was able to see something that I genuinely admired, and abstract art is a peace of mind for me.

Abstract art has its own significance, it comes from an artist who paints with the flow of his/her hands, without having thoughts prior to starting the piece. I was inspired by several different artists and forms of art which looked unreal to make in real life. The different villages were able to guide me through looking to something greater, as several people say, ‘small things lead to bigger things with patience,’ this stood out like a mindset to me, more to do with perseverance. Having the opportunity to see art that I never knew existed gave me a chance to think of making something on my own. Not only for free mind space, however, but this could also help me include more work for the visual arts process portfolio.

The city of Monte Carlo was a very classy place. I was incredibly lucky to have seen the Casino, which is one of the most famous places in the South of France. I was utterly impressed by the cars that were brought into the area since Monte Carlo is very much known for being the place of the ‘rich.’ I had never imagined to have seen the cars and people that I saw in the place, it was incredible to see.

This summer holiday was one of my favourites ever, mainly because I experienced so much of what I never knew was exciting or was only seen in ‘movies.’ The different cities inspired me in several different ways and I was able to learn a lot through the trip. The artistic part of the trip was incredibly shocking and I have been very motivated ever since.

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