Exhilarating Ecto Exploration (Day 100)

Total hours: 216.783

Top three:

1) Ecto implementation

This took most of my day and I’m proud to say that I am ahead of schedule as of today. I could start using the system w/ it’s current configuration (Ecto would be severely stunted because some parts don’t line up all the way right, but it would work).

Ecto is a beautiful way to interacting with the database that avoids some very common pitfalls like the N+1 queries, magic which causes your code to slow down the road along with not making design decisions for you.

2) AWS learning

It’s high time that I begin learning AWS and I took a small dive today. There’s a lot to learn and I’m still figuring out the basics.

3) Email cleanup

At this point in the journey, I check the email weekly and clean out the mostly junk mail along with ensuring that I’m not missing any important communication.

Gaya has evolved from being just another application to being an 'anti application' concept. You install it and it works. It's designed to make your data available on all your platforms for you. Effortlessly synchronizing the data across all the devices and capabilities.

The goal is to have you use it's interface as little as possible.

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