Frustrating Financial Forcasting (Day 102)

Total hours: 217.938

Top three:

1) Financial Planning

Got things covered using Quickbooks. I ended up encoding all the financial exhaustion within YNAB because Quickbooks doesn’t provide the option of reoccurring transactions until I pay another 200 dollars (CAD) to upgrade. Even at this rate it doesn’t provide a good burndown visualizor of any kind.

What’s most stressful is the realization that the ground is coming up fast the lack of knowledge of how much more money is needed to be invested (along with the hard work that I’m already doing) to see positive cashflow.

2) Subsidy and small loans research

Long story short no luck here 😭

3) Using YNAB for exhaustion estimation

This is incredibly important. Exhaustion or rate of burn tells us how fast we’re going thru the money and what’s the expected date that we’ll have no money left.

This allows finetuning our ‘non-essential’ expenses to stretch this till we have more sustainable stream of income.

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