Luminious Lightsail Learning (Day 105)

Total hours: 219.667

Top three:

1) Lightsail

Configuring to point to the correct lightsail instance located in Montreal Quebec.

Certificate generation was partially difficult but managed in the end. Certbot generates one format and you need to convert this to another format and put in specific places to allow an encrypted connection.

2) Certificate Generation

See above. I finally got it working (kinda). The connection is encrypted but something is misconfigured because I can’t access the site anymore. The URL is pointing to the correct static IP address (as verified with dig).

3) DNS Mistake

I ended up accidentally having it point originally to a private IP and was wondering why the webpage was only loading in Safari. Turned out Safari was caching the page. Once I cleared it’s cache, it stopped loading it like Firefox. I’ve since corrected the mistake and set the TTL to be around 1 minute instead. This is a development site so I can expect things to change frequently. I don’t wanna be locked out from connecting due to a DNS misconfiguration again. 🙄

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