Day 40 2SSL Network Fleshour connection

What I did: Network setup

Time spent: 93.183


Dealt with MR conflicts
Package and package-lock.json both have conflicts. If I can fix the package conflicts then npm will automatically fix package-lock.json.

Dealt with server critical issues.
There were two security updates that were related to vim and vi. Removed both packages to avoid having a reboot.
Set server to reboot every day to apply security updates.

Dealing with git issue where a push was apparently divergent even though the branches never diverged.... OH because Gitlab isn't running for some reason....

The entire system rebooted I'm not sure why....

Improved protocol and continued fleshing out communication. Restructured UUID system to half half devoted to client and half devoted to server. Need to consider two cases:

1) Client runs out of UUID's
2) Server runs out of UUID's

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