Hello World!

Nostalgia. It feels close to mine of the XMPP/Jabber-era with Gtalk (before being replaced by Google Hangouts).

Have any of you ever used WordPress and/or Blogger in the past decade or two?

I remember the first days of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and it just feels sooo distant today - what can I say for the days when Google+ (Google Plus) was at its peak? or the heyday of Angry Birds on Facebook? or, perhaps, even the days of when my old girlfriend (I can't believe that I actually forgot her name) was playing Moshi Monsters via Adobe Flash Player?

I think Moshi Monsters was also on a Nintendo DS...damn...

Adobe Flash Player has died.
Google+ has died (for all practical purposes) along with Google Hangouts in a similar fashion.
Moshi Monsters has died in the background.

I remember my first blog post, on the Internet, being an updated version of the WordPress default "Hello World!" which I awkwardly advanced onto my blogspot.com via Blogger too.

Oh God...so many changes and, yet, some things never change...

~ Adib of Zabid