What is this?

This is my first attempt at a blog. I have been considering a blog for some time because I think a lot about many things and some of those thoughts, I believe, are worth sharing to those whom may be interested. One day I may post about something regarding technology, and the next about life. There is no specific topic for my posts, but maybe later I will add tags to posts. The order in which these posts are made may not even be the order I wrote them, just when I decided to post them. This may not even be a permanent home for this blog, but in the event that I decide that I enjoy writing these, I will likely move it to my own website. If that were to happen, I would likely port over these posts while still offering RSS feeds and email for receiving these, since using RSS feeds are a old-school way that works great for staying up to date on these kinds of things. I would also make a post here linking to the new site where I would post these.

The things I post will likely be expressions of my thoughts, thought through further as I write them down, with little research done, if any, to support the thought. I may read and revise posts in case my thoughts about something change, or if I find more or new information on something. Treat this as opinionated writing to provoke your own thoughts, and perhaps use it to give you a new perspective. Do not use it for anything where you require accurate and factual information. By all means use it as a launch pad for ideas, but I encourage you to do your own research and develop your own thoughts.

Please use the built-in guestbook feature to provide any feedback you may have. In the future I may provide an email or another method.